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Make your mother or partner happy for International Women’s Day, thanks to the loan you solve everything

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8, it has more than a century of tradition, and this also applies to the Czech environment. Bringing a mother a flower or giving her partner a little jewel should certainly be the duty of every true man. But where to get the money when the pocket is literally empty in early March? It offers a quick loan, thanks to which you can literally do one.


Borrow with us (not only) on the eighth of March and get a really interesting discount for it

Loan and discount on IWD? But surely, interesting conditions are also prepared for those who are going to buy something for a nice wife, fiance or girlfriend. Just enter the special discount code “mdz70” and save up to seventy percent on interest. You get the money quickly and without the risk of any administrative hitch, so in a short while you can go to a flower shop or even a goldsmith. If you haven’t negotiated a loan with us in the past, the first free loan is offered, which will under all circumstances forgive you all interest. What do you have to do to get this loan?


The conditions are simple, just a permanent income, ID card and age over eighteen

ID card

This loan is offered to practically everyone, only a few conditions must be met for its approval. A loan without a register is not possible today, but protection from a debt trap is a very important thing that even Czech legislation thinks about. The conditions for the approval of the loan are therefore as follows:

  • Czech citizenship (or permanent residence permit), which is accompanied by an identity card.
  • Age over 18 years. We lend to entrepreneurs, employees and seniors without any problems.
  • Debtlessness and also own permanent income, which will be supported by the last three statements of account.
  • Own bank account, anywhere in the Czech Republic, or proven right of disposal to the bank account of a third adult.

And this is actually all essential, applicants do not need more to meet it. No one will ask what the loan will be for. Add to this an interesting discount on IWD, certainly not to be left out. The payout may take up to ten days, but International Women’s Day is approaching literally in leaps and bounds, then why not take a major step? Money can be in your account within fifteen minutes of your application being approved, surely you don’t expect such a quick response, do you?


Zero loan fees, you will only pay the agreed interest here

credit loan

If you are new to us, the first free loan is offered. In other cases, however, in addition to the principal, you will have to pay in advance the interest you make in advance. You will pay the loan back by bank transfer, only one installment will suffice – the advantage is that you do not have to carry in your head any payment schedule with multiple dates. But if you do not manage to meet your obligations in time, nothing essential will happen, but you must work together. Individual payment schedule with the possibility of delay of up to four weeks from the original date, all for a small fee, does it sound quite interesting?


IWD is celebrated in many countries of the world, including the Czech Republic

credit loan

International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1909, but the original holiday date was different from today. It was the 28th of February, the classic date of 8th March became a tradition after the First World War. If you want to honor your mom, partner or daughter, it certainly won’t go a little into your pocket and buy a nice gift . If you do not have enough money, do not mind – borrow from us from a thousand crowns above, that for a few bouquets will certainly be enough! Or would you rather borrow several thousand crowns for a nice piece of jewelry? Do you have another original idea, such as a long weekend somewhere in the mountains? Of course, we are open to your wishes, just let us know.