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Recommended Credit Card Test – Top 3 Credit Cards Right Now

It is always okay to look into other people’s experiences when obtaining a credit card. Such tests often reflect the experiences of others and that is why these cards end up in the test.

We did a test of the market, with an indicative top 3, where our primary focus has been interest rates and card benefits.


Top 3 credit cards

credit cards

When testing and recommending a credit card, this is done on an average general basis. You look at the level of the effective interest rate, other terms and conditions as well as which benefit package is included in the credit card. That is, where you theoretically want the most benefit from the card, however, no specific needs that one may have in the calculation are taken into account.

Therefore, if you have a specific need that you do not see one of these cards, it only means that there is a high probability that you will be able to have your need covered by a card that is not on this list. That said, these cards are very universal and will be able to fit the needs of many people.

Here are the 3 cards that came out best:

  1. Northwin Bank
  2. Sanbuwan Red
  3. Isako Visa

You can search all the companies on the front page.

The competition is huge so with these cards you can be sure that you have top credit cards if you apply for one. It is free to apply so if you are wondering if you qualify to hold one of these cards then there is nothing in the way if you want to submit an application. At these companies, you are also guaranteed prompt case processing so that you get an answer to the application within a few days.

When looking at these credit cards and considering submitting an application, you should first and foremost think which of these 3 will best meet your need. If you drive a lot of cars it may be worthwhile to search with those who have the best fuel discounts, is the e-commerce that you want to use most so look at the card that gives the best conditions here. The effective interest rate and other terms are fairly similar in all 3.

Keep in mind that it is always your personal needs and situation, which decides what is best for you. Use only the article for guidance.


View the credit terms and choose your favorite

credit terms and choose your favorite

When choosing a card you have to check out your own needs, some can benefit tremendously from fuel discounts for example which will make it so that even if a credit card has not done it well in this test it may be best for you.

Here you have to do some prep work and set up a personal budget and then match this budget against the different credit cards and this way you find out which card will be your best choice. Remember that age has an impact on your options.